Hello La Bella Baskets Consultants.


As you all know team building can be a lucrative part of your LBB business along with your gift selling. So we have put this step by step tutorial to help each of you receive prospect leads through your Facebook fanpages.​

Please read through these easy steps. We have already tested it out and we are already receiving free leads from Facebook on a daily basis by simply posting jobs on our Fan Page.  Before you can post ads you will need to create a Facebook personal account and fan page. Let's get started!

Below you will learn:

  1. How to create a Facebook personal account.  Note:  if you have a Facebook personal account you do not need to create another personal Facebook account.

  2. How to build a fan page and add a cover photo and your details

  3. What to post. 

  4. How to get LIKES to your fan page ASAP.  

  5. Once you receive applicants what do you do

  6. Important to Follow - Up



  1. Go to

  2. Enter your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.

  3. Click Sign Up.

  4. To finish creating your account, you'll need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.

  5. Next open a fan page so you can post FREE jobs.


1. Make sure you are logged into your Facebook personal account.  Then go to
2. Click on Artist, Business or Public Figure.  After you click the large square you’ll be asked to fill out some      

3. Choose "Public Figure"
4. Choose Category "Entrepreneur"
5. Choose Page Name - it is recommended to have your name in the title. For example, If your name is not available then add the word page after your name.  
So your fan page name will be:  or if that is taken
Note:  Choose a name wisely because it is very hard to get Facebook to rename your fan page.

Cover photos help you express your Page's identity.  You can create a fan page cover using Best to add your photo to your fan page.  

6.  Add a Profile Picture (use a photo of yourself). This picture should be clear head shot and please smile. Make it a picture that is warm and welcoming!

7. Add description and website
Your Page's short description helps people know what you're about, and it appears in search results when people look for you online. 

8. Choose unique web address
Enter your La Bella Baskets business opportunity url.  If you have a Subscriber System like Mail Chimp (FREE), Contant Contact, AWEBER or Focal Point  If you do not have a system use your La Bella Baskets url:

9. Add page to favorites - this will place your page in the sidebar for easy access.

10. Choose preferred page audience

Step #3 - What To Post
Now that you created a fan page we recommend to post at least 5 items.  This way your fan page won't look empty when applicants see your fan page.

Once you have your Profile and Fan page set up, you are ready to start building your fan page and brand yourself!
Rules when posting:

  • Share and don't sell. 80% of your posts should be sharing and 20% of your posts should be selling.

  • Post 1-3 times a day.  Keep sharing and they will come!

  • Become a GREAT story teller!​ ​

1.  Your personal membership and income testimonial.  If you don't have one yet, go to our company website and view testimonials).
2.  Your story  (why you are working from home).  for example:  I'm so blessed that I found this company (then share why)
3.  Inspirational Videos  (go to and enter "inspirational video". )
4.  Inspirational Quotes. (go to and enter "inspirational quotes" )

5.  Photos of YOU doing fun things and having more freedom because you are working from home.  


Today there are nearly 2.5 billion Facebook users that are spread all around the world.
Users spend 21 minutes per day on average on Facebook.
79% of all users are accessing Facebook from their mobile device.

Branding yourself is getting your name recognized as the “go to” person in your field. Personal branding catches the attention of people in our industry and showcases you as an instant expert. This is a process that requires consistent effort and a long term time commitment but it is so worth it in the long run. Here are some quick tips to get you in
action mode TODAY:

The most important way to start branding yourself is to put yourself out there and focus on daily action on your page(s). You want your friends and fans to see you out there everyday. You may be thinking “Okay, that sounds great but what do I put on my page?” Great question!! The most important thing when working on personal branding is to think about what type of presence you would like to create. You want to become someone that people want to follow, someone that provides value, inspiration and a positive, uplifting energy. And don’t feel like you are not someone knowledgeable or interesting enough for people to follow. YOU are fabulous and YOU have information and greatness inside of you that you can share and that will help people!  Believe that and it will all start to flow beautifully!

So let's get started with your branding:

• Update your status - This can be very basic “What are you doing?” stuff. Since my mission is providing content for working successfully at home so I can be home with my kids, I like to paint a picture of what my day looks like, how much freedom my home business gives me in my status. For example, a recent status update that I posted was “Just spent a week in New York for Mikey's baseball tournament. We had so much fun. So grateful for the flexibility my home business provides!” 

• Personal pictures or videos - People love to know about your personal lives, that’s why Facebook is so popular. Share pictures and videos from your life on your pages. It will make you more real, warm and welcoming. They will be able to connect with you on a deeper level, in turn, making you more memorable. 

• Other videos - These can be videos that you take of yourself providing instruction or sharing a message or could be an inspirational video that you run across on YouTube, for example. Any video pertaining to your niche will work nicely.

• Articles - Find articles or write your own about a topic that fits your niche that your readers will enjoy and can learn from. 

 Quotes - People LOVE to feel inspired! There are SO many great quotes out there that will help people reflect and get them motivated. Make it a goal to inspire people, they will love you for it! And it will inspire YOU along the way! 

• Blog posts - If you have a blog, share your blog posts.

• Sharing other’s posts - When someone in your network posts something of great value, pay it forward and share it for them. Give them credit where credit is deserved.  When you tag their name in your post, it posts on their wall to for their friends to see also, giving you extra views. 

• Be social - There is a reason that Social Networking has the word social it in. It’s about sharing, networking, building relationships, appreciating others and giving back. So, you want to join in the social circle. Reply to your friend’s statuses, “like” their statuses, just have fun chatting with some great people. Don’t be nervous about fitting in or not knowing what to say. Once you reach out and show someone you care by “liking” their status or commenting, you’ve got yourself a lifelong Facebook friend!

Remember, branding yourself is all about consistency. Make sure to post a minimum of 1-3 times per day

How do I invite friends to like my Page?

  1. Click below your Page's cover photo  (see sample below)

  2. Select Invite Friends

  3. Click Search All Friends  to select a list, or enter a friend's name in the search box

  4. Click Invite next to the friends you want to invite

  5. You also want to join our LBB Team Facebook group and share your fan page and ask our team members to like your fan page!  

  6. Page invites can be found by going to your Invites tab. Click on the . . . and scroll down to invite friends.