How to Add the JOB TAB to your

fan page , HOW TO POST A JOB and

How to Team Build! 



Go to settings on the top right hand corner

then go to edit page

then add a tab JOB

once you go to your fan page it will be there on the right hand side.

then you will see an ICON of JOB POST in the top Center of your feed.


If you had a fan page and you never posted that is a good thing because FB will recognize you as established so it will allow you to add the job tab

Now if your fan page is new start posting at least for a week or two so then you too then will see the job tab


Please click on PUBLISH A JOB POST

and a window will pop up (shown Below)




















Field #1: Keep As is

Field #2: Upload a Photo to use for your job or choose to use your cover photo

Need more FREE images for your job posting?  FREE IMAGES


Field #3: Job Title: example

Work From Home, FT/PT 

Field #4: Location Please start with your state and city

Field #5 Salary keep field empty

Field #6: Choose P/T

Field #7: Details, this is where you type about the position / career

Example Below

La Bella Baskets & Gifts

La Bella Baskets & Gifts is currently seeking people that want to have their own personalized online gift shop. Make a living by helping others with their gifting needs! We carry a wide selection of quality retail and corporate gifts for any occasion or holiday. As a Gift Director, you will be specializing in assisting Individuals, Realtors, Corporations and Special Events in making their gifting experience simple, easy and enjoyable by saving them time and money. You will have the choice to work a flexible schedule and choose from several different programs that we offer to generate income. La Bella Baskets is a risk free opportunity with no quotas or contracts! Go to under Earn Income Tab. 

We offer:

A beautiful, personalized E-commerce website
Potential to make part-time to full-time income
Up to 40% Commissions
Residual Income, Bonuses, Commissions and Overrides
Commissions Paid Twice A month
5 ways to earn an income
Top-notch training and on-going support
Flexible Hours
La Bella Baskets & Gifts offers an amazing opportunity to share our beautiful gifts across the United States while working from the comfort of your own home office.

Enjoy your Freedom and help us spread love and joy nationwide.

​Note:  Please do not copy the following ad word for word.  PLEASE change the wording around. You want to be unique.   We all do not want to look the same and Facebook is very strict. That's how to get thrown in Facebook jail! or, Facebook might even get your fan page shut down because another person is copying the ad word for word.

Keep in mind that job posts automatically expire after 30 days. After 30 days, Page visitors won't be able to see the job post on your Page. However, Page admins, editors and moderators will still be able to see the job post and renew it. We are posting free ads and getting applicants without having to pay, however, if you want to generate MORE applicants learn more about boosting your job posts to reach more applicants .

Field #8

Free Text Question: in this box just type

Hiring Now Apply Today!

Then please read all. Make sure spelling is on point and all looks great then on the far lower right side

click on PUBLISH POST!

Once you publish post a box pops up and that will let you know FB has received your ad and they will be reviewing your job post. Once approved people in that state will start viewing it and when they are interested you will see a message come through into your inbox top left on your fanpage INBOX with a number over it. Click on it see the message they sent you. Now you are ready to Text them, Email them and Call them with more information about La Bella Baskets. ( See below for more information on all 3 ways to connect with them)

Edit a Job Post

  1. Click Jobs in the left column of your Page

  2. Find the post you want to edit and click  in the top right corner of the post

  3. Select Edit Job Post

  4. Edit the job post and then click Edit Job Post to submit your edits

  5. Take Down or Renew a Job Post
    Job posts automatically expire after 30 days. You can take them down sooner if you've filled the position, or you can renew them if you're not ready for the posts to expire.

    To take down or renew your job post:

  6. Click Jobs in the left column of your Page

  7. Find the post you want to take down or renew, and near the bottom right, click Mark as Closed or Renew Job Post

  8. If you mark a job post as closed, Page visitors will no longer be able to see the job post on your Page, but Page admins, editors and moderators will still be able to see the job post and renew it

Visit Your Fan Page Inbox And Locate Applicants!

Visit your fan page often and on the upper left hand corner click on your INBOX.  There you will see all your applicants! Grab their name, email and phone number and add them to your subscriber system or the FREE so they can automatically start receiving emails from your behalf. 


Once you add them please call them right away and have a great conversation about LBB and make it about them not you. Listen to their needs and let them know why you joined us and how you will be working together to build your dreams.

Texting Applicants

You can also text them. A simple text reminding them who you are and why you are texting them



Hello this is YOUR NAME

FROM La Bella Baskets & Gifts.


Your name came across my FB Job Post that you were interested about working from home.  Within 60 seconds you can start your own online gift boutique that carries over 1,000 gifts.  


Make part-time/ full-time income.


Watch Short video at:


You can also read details online at (ENTER YOUR WEBSITE HERE). After reviewing the details, you can reach me at this number (by call or text) with any questions you have. Looking forward to speaking with you soon! Have a beautiful day!

Email Applicants
Right when you receive your applicant or any leads you generate if you choose not to call them then you need to email them. The email provides them with basic information about our company and working with La Bella Baskets and prompts them to request an interview through your site. This makes the lead even higher quality and will also initiate the autoresponders in your email marketing systems.

Calling Applicants

At this point, you've prepped your leads with an email and a text, now it's time to call them and go over their questions and ask them to join your team. 

Sending your leads an email and a text is great and will help you get more enrollments on your phone calls, but just treat the emails and texts as an extra to prep your lead. The most important thing is to Call your leads! Once you send out the email and text, start calling your leads the next day.


Lastly. Follow-Up With Your Leads

With prospecting, there will be a lot of people that don't enroll on the spot but will come back to you later when they are ready. So you need a follow-up system in place to keep in touch with that lead and keep them posted about all things La Bella Baskets over the next few months. So once you have a full conversation with a PROSPECT you can add them into your Subscriber system you have or if not create a follow-up folder with all their emails. 

COMMISSION REMINDER: All consultants receive 30% commission each month on each teammate. So when you sell our beautiful gifts and build a team the magic really begins. For example 10 teammates = $75.00 a month just for mentoring them, so as you add each month your monthly payouts increase every month.

"If you have residual bills why not have residual income - "mia"

As a Team Builder we ask each of you to connect with your team. To be there for them. Be an active consultant with the company ( active meaning- a working, productive consultant). Let your team hear your voice on the conference calls, share with them, let them see you post on our FB Group. Recognize their accomplishments and cheer them on. Your team will be a reflection of who you are always remember that.


Much Success

To Many Teammates in our LBB Family and success with your LBB Business!!

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