Team Building, Scripts and Ads

Team Building is very rewarding to your LBB business and who does not love passive income.

  • Build a team and earn $7.50 a month for each LBB teammate you are helping out.

  • Build a team and earn jump-start bonuses if they completed their fast track bonuses! The mentor earns a $25 bonus for each new gifting expert that meets their 30/60/90 goal! $25 3x for each new teammate.

  • Build a team and build on their sales volume, for every sale they make their sales volume is added to yours, getting you closer to your titles and new commission rates.

  • Build a team and have a few Executive Senior Gift Directors on your first level and receive overrides on their sales 4 levels deep  4%, 3%, 2%, and 1%

  • Sign up 5 Teammates in a month and receive a $25 bonus, So for every 5 receive $25 ongoing bonus! (so for example, if you get 10 sign-ups in one given month you will earn $50 and so on!), So you will earn the $7.50 for each sign up right away and once you get 5 in a row in one given month you will earn an additional $25 (Ongoing every 5 gets you $25! )


Team Building Fast Track - All-New Gifting Experts you will have your first 2 months from the time you started to get 5 signups ( teammates) and you will move up to a new title Senior Gift Director and with the commission raise to 22%. So you can either do it by personal product sales of $500 or with 5 teammates within your first 2 months whichever one you do first or whichever is easier! So as soon as a new consultant signs up with you it counts as an official sign up for you ( the team builder)

Prospecting Call - Who We Are, What We Do, And How Our Gifting Experts Get Paid. Great for Prospecting!




Team Building Basics- 4 Steps


  • Generate Leads

  • Connect

  • Contact List/Follow up

  • Welcome New Team Member

Generate Leads

​The best leads are the ones you generate yourself simply because they saw your ad and they want more information. You can share about the opportunity on social media sites, free classifieds, buy generic leads or purchase company leads.

Recorded Call 

Mia Florides, Founder

Angela Sambrook

Team Building - Generating Leads


Free Classifieds

You can generate leads by leads by placing ads on: and other job boards. 

Generic Leads

Request 10 free leads.

Below is a website that will give you 10 free leads to "test" out. It's a good place to go and practice texting, emailing and following up on leads.

to get free leads to visit:


Order 100  (10 cents) leads

Go and order leads so you can have plenty of people to text, email and follow up! This is a number thing. The more texting, emailing and follow-ups you do, the more people will join your business.


Order 10 cents leads at

Once you are logged into the leads control panel you can select the number of leads you want to purchase. We recommend starting with 100 leads. 

You will have an option to select nationwide leads or local leads.


As soon as you purchase the leads you will be able to get your leads right away. 


Once you have worked those 100 leads, go back and order 100 leads.

We also recommend ordering 10 cents leads because they will be more receptive than the 5 cents leads.


p.s. save all your receipts!  purchasing ads or leads is a great home office deduction!


Team Building Ads

You can use these ads on your social media platforms, to email prospects or if you have an autoresponder and mass emailing.


Title:  Gift Boutique Consultant needed- will train PT/FT

Do you love gifts?  Then you will love being a La Bella Baskets Boutique Consultant.

We are a gift company that is seeking for people that want to make part-time of full-time income. We provide free training and support.   


We offer:

•Pay Twice A Month

*Potential to make part-time to a full-time income

•Residual Income

•Leadership Positions, Bonuses, and Referral Bonuses are also available. 

• Ongoing Support

•Flexible Hours


Our company has an A rating with the BBB.  

Learn more:


Title:  Open a Gift Boutique 

Get paid to help people celebrate the happiest moments in life.


Store includes

*  Over 1,000 gifts

*  No merchant fees

*  No inventory

*  No Programming

*  Make Multiple Source of Incomes  

*  Ongoing support


Learn more:


Title:  Gift Boutique Consultant needed- will train PT/FT

La Bella Baskets and Gifts allows anyone to open their own online gift boutique providing wonderful gifts for personal and business gift-giving. La Bella Baskets was founded in 2009 and from the start has offered high-quality gift baskets, flowers, and yummy cookie bouquets. Since then it has expanded its offerings to customers with the addition of personalized gifts, candles and bath bombs with jewelry, plantable greeting cards, sterling silver charm jewelry and more!

As a La Bella gift consultant, you are given your own online store with hundreds of gifts to market. You then earn a commission off of every sale, up to 40%. No mandatory products to buy or inventory to keep. Your customer’s order is shipped directly from the designer to the end recipient. You will receive full access to training and support materials and a network of consultants and leaders who will help you build a great business for yourself and your family.


Get Paid to Brighten Someone's Day

Do you ever have to shop for someone and you just don't know what to buy? Of course! It happens to all of us!

La Bella Baskets & Gifts is the answer. La Bella is all about the giving spirit, delivering the perfect gift for every occasion.

And, La Bella is a Great Business Opportunity for anyone interested in earning money as a La Bella Gifting Expert.

Gifting Experts offer valuable service assisting customers and corporate clients with their gifting needs!

Get started for very low investment and work on your schedule. Sound good?

your name, email, and website to earn income page


If you have a Facebook page that does not mention La Bella as the company you are working with. This keeps followers intrigued and you let them know you are privately going to DM them when they raise their hands they are interested to learn more!

Who would like to earn an extra $250-$500 over the next month for extra money??🙋‍♀️

Choosing five newly motivated ladies to work with to make this happen!!

Comment here with a 🙋 if you’re interested!!


Here’s the La Bella long script to use as a guideline. I added some questions to help you start a conversation. The script has important information about our company.


Please remember that less is more so try to keep things short and simple for prospects. Just the basics unless asked. Confusing people only run them off. We like the term “KISS” (keep it, simple sweetheart).

Hello____my name is _____ and I'm with a home gifting business Company
We have a great opportunity and are enrolling nationwide

(Let the prospect talk more if possible and try to make a connection. A few ideas for questions you could ask:


Have you ever been in a work from home business or tried a direct selling company?
How long have you been looking for a work at home business?
How many hours a week can you put into something new perhaps are working a reg job, taking care of kids, etc.

Can you attend at least 1-2 training calls a week from the comfort of your home? Great, then you should do very well.
I could also go over a little bit about our program now if you like and see if our company would be a good fit for you.
La Bella Baskets is a home-based gifting company. As a Consultant, you will have your own personal website with 400 Beautiful Gift Baskets and over 600 Great personalized gifts for all occasions. We have over 1,500 gifts to offer to your customers.

There are Six ways we can generate income with La Bella Baskets. You can work all SIX programs or just one and the choice is up to you.

We ship to your customer within 24-48 hours.
You DO NOT have to stock any inventory
You DO NOT have to buy any products
You DO NOT have to deal with shipping
You DO NOT have to collect money
No contracts and no mandatory quotas
That's it! Pretty simple!

Income #1
We can generate income from the gifts that are in your store.
Every time someone visits our store and sends gifts, we get paid a 20-40% commission on everything they purchase. We also receive commissions on our repeat customers. These can add up to a sizable income over time (especially when we build a large customer base).

Income #2
We have a team building program:
We are paid $7.50 for each new consultant that joins and we mentor. We love passive income. If you do decide to learn how to become a team builder, every time your team sells gifts, you will get paid on “4” levels and we have so many other bonuses.

Income #3

We have 4 monthly product memberships 

A- Candle of the month club

B-Dose of Roses

C-La Bella's Treasure ( 3 Pieces of Jewelry each month)

D-Monthly Cookie Club

All  4 programs we earn 30% of the retail price every month

Income #4
La Bella Baskets offers a SAVER Club membership for only $9.95 a year. Families (or corporations) can purchase the membership and receive 20% off ALL of the gifts that are on our store every day.

La Bella Baskets offers a Candle of the Month Club which is $19.99 a month. People sign up for the candle of the month, we get paid 30% commission AND every time they renew their membership, we get paid repeat income

Income #6
Fast track bonuses and leadership bonuses.
Fast track in the first 30 days and you will receive a $50 cash bonus. by selling $250 in products
Once you move up in the company and anytime one of your team members fast track, you get a leadership bonus of $25.00!

The best part is that by simply owning our own home-based business, you receive huge home office deductions from the supplies and services used for your home office.

Now to become a Consultant it is only 24.95 a month. This investment is covering your very own website, back office, online training with templates, personal and group support, or ( FB community forum), training calls, and LBB Savers Club.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in?
If the answer is Yes: Okay great. Are you near a PC right now? I could walk you through enrollment. It only takes a few minutes and you can get started right away. Please go to my website: and click on Join our team, then on Join now. Then on the correct tab that has Join your online store now.

If the answer is no or not right now.

A few ideas for responses:

Okay I understand, may I send you an email with some details? What’s a good email for you? May I follow up with you in a couple of days?

Thank you for letting me tell you a little bit about our company.

Thank you for your time



Hello. __________________

Did you miss our Live Company Call this past week or possibly want to listen to it again? Our very own Mia Florides/founder & CEO explained who we are, what we do, and how we get paid. If you are still looking for a work at home business, please listen to the recording. There are many incentives, bonuses, and promotions in our company and you will have all the training and support you will ever need.  If you have found a home, I wish you all the best, and please feel free to forward this email to someone who is looking for something fun, positive, and rewarding. Thank you and I hope you join me and let me help you in building your own business as I have. If you do want to start you can call me and I will get you started or join here to start right away:

best regards,
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