La Bella Baskets

Monthly memberships

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La Bella's Monthly Treasure

3 pieces of jewelry each month ( Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Earrings)

$21.99 and FREE SHIPPING!

Packaged in a Gold Box with 3 pieces of Jewelry and Treasure Thank You, Card.

All Gifting Experts receive 30% commission

Ships From NYC

USPS Priority Mail 2 day or 3 day shipping


La Bella Baskets Signature CANDLE OF THE MONTH CLUB!


Here is the list for the year 2020!


January Candle - Cinnamon Bun
February Candle -Freashcit Roses
March Candle - Bedtime Spa
April Candle - Amazon Rainforest
May Candle - Mother's Love
June Candle - Honeysuckle Jasmine
July Candle - Cotton Candy
August Candle - Chocolate Chip Cookies
September Candle - Autumn Leaves
October Candle - Pumpkin Spice
November Candle - Banana Nut Bread
December Candle - Christmas Cookies

**Holiday Candles October - December fragrance can vary when the new holiday aromas come out.

All Gifting Experts receive 30% commission

Ships From KY

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La Bella Baskets Monthly Cookie Club is also in our Gift Basket and Flower store another program we are very excited about and we love passive income!

Each month the customer receives 6 delicious cookies and the 6th cookie represents the month!

Gifted in a white or Red box and wrapped with a ribbon!


$19.99 plus shipping

All Gifting Experts receive 30% commission

Ships and Baked in OH!

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Monthly Dose of Roses in our Gift Basket and Flower store. 

Designed for both personal and corporate gift-giving, simply place one order, and leave the rest up to us. For 12 consecutive months, we will send

a bouquet of a dozen Fresh Roses each month that will undoubtedly bring a smile to your recipient's face. We ship our roses overnight and straight

from the farms where they are picked, meaning you receive your blooms just 2-4 days after they are cut. This ensures the freshness of our roses and

gives you more time to enjoy your flowers! The best part? No more tired, dull grocery store bouquets! Our roses are so fresh, giving you the unique

opportunity to watch them bloom even more before your eyes!

So give someone today a gift that will keep on giving, Their Monthly Dose of Roses, Promise they will be glad you did!

Free Vase if the first month

$49.99 plus shipping each month!

Customer can choose from:

1.   Red,

2.   White,

3.   Purple,

4.   Yellow,

5.   Pink,

6.   orange

7.   Festive orange /Ambre fire,

8.   Sweetheart -red /purple /white/ pink –

9.   Love- Read and Pink

10. Rainbow -Pink/Purple/Red/Yellow/Orange

All Gifting Experts receive 30% commission