LBB Corporate and

New Customer Scripts

Cold Market Email For A Business:


Hi [first name],

My name is [my name] and I am a Gifting Expert with La Bella Baskets and Gifts.

I’d like to speak with someone from [company] who is responsible for all your gifting needs.

Here at La Bella Baskets, we know connecting with people matters especially when you want to make a lasting impression to show your clients and employees that they are appreciated.

So if you are open to a fifteen-minute call on _________ [time and date] to discuss ways that La Bella Baskets and Gifts platform can specifically help your business? If not, can you please put me in touch with the right person?

I appreciate the help!


Your Name




Cold Market Email For New Potential Customers: (Valentine's day or any Holiday or Occasion) 

Hello (name)

Let Me Be Your La Bella Baskets Gifting Expert!

We have so many gift ideas and with Valentine's Day approaching what a perfect time to send the perfect gift to someone special.

Here are a few Valentine's Day Gift Ideas.

(Add Links to a few items in Valentine's Day Category and under $20 items)

Order now and receive

10% off Your First Order Code: love

The best part you can order with me in several ways: from my e-store, call in the order, e-mail, or direct message me on Facebook.

I call it shopping made easy!

I hope to hear from you soon!


Your Name

Your website

Your Email

Your Phone Number

Your Facebook Link



To Whom It May Concern or Name of Contact!


It’s that special time of the year again and we know gift giving can be challenging. Sending corporate business gifts are the standard for many industries, and for good reason. Providing business gifts for customers is a stronger expression of appreciation than a simple thank you or handshake, Here at La Bella Baskets and Gifts we take pride to assist your organization to find that perfect gift for your customers/clients this Holiday Season.


La Bella Baskets and Gifts are poised to making life better for our clients by providing top-notch products and world-class service. We pride ourselves on the exquisite job we have executed leaving each client with an outstanding experience.

We execute our projects in record time, taking cognizance of established details because we understand that time is of essence and simplicity is the mother of all sophistication. It is a bold statement in our legacy to leave clients with unfathomable euphoria by the services we provide which is second to none.


Please Contact Us and let’s put gifting to work for your organization.


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Your La Bella Baskets Gifting Expert

Your Name


Phone Number


Realtor Email

This type of prospecting letter works. You want to use this letter to introduce yourself to a particular neighborhood or community group. It can also be easily adapted to send as a letter of introduction to realtors in your community

Email Subject Line: Realtor Closing Gifts Keeping You in the Know!

Dear (Potential Realtor),

Hoping this letter finds you in good health and spirits. My name is (your name) and I am a Gifting Expert with La Bella Baskets and Gifts. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share some exciting news.

As a La Bella Gifting Expert, I bring you many years of experience and knowledge to help you through closing gift ideas. I KNOW RELATIONSHIPS MATTER which Is Why We Built A Solution to Help You Nurture Them. As you know presenting your real estate clients with a small gift or token of your appreciation upon closing is not only thoughtful it should be viewed as an essential component of your marketing strategy. It helps build and cement long-lasting client relationships.


According to training and motivational experts, saying “thank you” is one of the best ways to connect with people. Words,  notes, and gifts of appreciation make everyone feel good. It's also just plain smart to demonstrate proper business etiquette by demonstrating genuine thanks. Thank you notes and gifts are one more opportunity to put your name in front of your customers and remind them that you stand out among the competition.

Bottom line, whether a thank–you note and gift is necessary is beside the point – demonstrating sincere appreciation is always smart business.

La Bella Baskets and Gifts is your go-to resource for all your gifting needs. We have done the research for you, thoughtfully selecting the gifts we know your clients and business associates will both appreciate and remember!


Looking forward to connecting with you.

Thanks a bunch for your kind attention.


Your La Bella Baskets Gifting Expert

Your Name


Phone Number