LBB Savers Club
LBB Annual Savers and Reward Club

We have 2 Savers Club
*$9.95 per year- This is good for the individual retail customer.
*FREE Corporate Savings- Great incentive for corporations to use our services. You can have them sign up on your LBB website under SHOP, ( Corporate Savers)!
IMPORTANT: There is no limit to how many you can sign up with the FREE Savers but please be mindful to give them out to corporations who have asked for it. Please do not sign up companies without their acknowledgment.

La Bella Baskets can save you hundreds of dollars a year on all your gifting needs.
LBB Savers Club allows you to purchase products for business and personal use.
Your membership fee includes an incentive for all your employees or family members to enjoy the savings as well.
Your LBB Savers Club Membership is valid for one full year
We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell.

Membership Includes:
* Instant savings of 20% off entire LBB Gifting Store 
* Choose from over 1000 beautiful gifts
* Have your own Gifting Expert help you with your orders
* There are no coupon clippings, expiration dates, and no hassles
* Simply enjoy 20% off the entire store every day!


la Bella Rewards for all LBB Consultants AND CUSTOMERS - new perks for you! Type IN the




Note: LBB Savers Club Membership fees are for U.S. residents only, not including Hawaii or Alaska
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