How To Set Up A La Bella Baskets Fundraiser.



Throughout the years' many organizations are looking for ways to raise money through fundraisers. With La Bella Baskets’ great selection of gifts, you can provide them with an easy fundraising opportunity. In addition to assisting these organizations with their fundraising goals, it provides an excellent way to introduce your gifting business to new customers.

How to Find Fundraising Partners: As you are sharing about your La Bella Baskets business with others be sure to mention that you have a fundraising program. Any not for profit group or charitable organization can be a great candidate for a La Bella Baskets fundraiser. Think of youth and adult sports organizations, schools, dance and karate studios, churches, youth groups, school and community clubs, etc.

La Bella Baskets Fundraiser Basics: You will provide the organization with its own FUNDRAISER CODE. Every time someone places an order from your store using that fundraiser code, you will give back a percentage of the sale to the organization from your consultant commission.


Finally, decide the duration of the fundraiser. It can be 30 days, 60 days or it can be an ongoing fundraiser it's up to you.

  • Now before we even get started, we want everyone to understand that all fundraisers are between the LBB Gifting Experts and the organization that you are assisting. 

  • Any agreements - like the percentage given for each sale or any payouts are the responsibility of La Bella's Gifting Experts. La Bella Baskets, LLC is not responsible for that. We are responsible to ship the orders to the customers purchasing gifts to help out the fundraiser!. 

  • Remember if you are a new Gifting Expert you're making 20% commission, so you decide how much you want to give back (suggestion: 10% would be a nice amount) if you earn higher again it's up to you how much you want to give.

  • Work with the organization to decide the duration of the fundraiser. It can be 30 days, 60 days or it can be an ongoing fundraiser, it's up to you and the organization.

  • The customers will go to your site and buy a gift and put the fundraiser code in the fundraiser field. The code can be anything you choose. (maybe the name of the school or sports team, etc.). Then when you get the email for the order it will have the code on the email. You then keep track of all the orders and when you get paid you will give the percentage you agreed on to the charity.

  • You are responsible for keeping track of all the orders placed with the fundraiser code and honoring your commitment to give back a percentage of your commission for each order. You should make a list of who bought the gifts and give that list to the charity along with the check. You can even go a step further. Mail out a thank you card to express your appreciation to everyone who purchased from you and please insert your business card!

  • Fundraisers are a great way to grow your future business and customer base. Yes, you will be giving out some of your commission, but this is a good deed and you still will get your sales volume up, taking you to higher commission levels and new titles with La Bella.

  • How you will publicize the fundraiser will be up to you and the charity. You may decide to have flyers created for the organization to share. Most charity groups have a presence on social media, which can be a very effective way to share the fundraiser. Many organizations having an email mailing list and you can help them create an email to send out explaining the fundraiser.

  • Fundraising is a fun and easy way to grow your business! In addition, those who buy from you during the fundraiser may become long term return customers and you may even get a consultant or 2 to sign up under you.



Sample Email To Send Out!

Please make any changes before you send it out!




No Order Taking, No Delivery Hassles!

This is a Fun & Easy Fundraiser
for (US only) Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations/Benefits,

Church Groups, School/Sports/Cheerleader Groups,

Relay for Life Teams,& MORE!




Why Do A La Bella Baskets and Gifts Fundraiser?

  • Everyone loves to give and receive gifts and there are MANY occasions perfect for this.

  • No order-taking just spread the word to family and friends

  • A Flyer/Brochure will be provided for your group to copy & hand out or email

  • No delivery hassles--Orders are delivered right to the person who ordered them or their gift recipient

  • All sales will be tracked and reported by the La Bella Gifting Expert so you know how the fundraiser is going

Here’s how it works:

  • The organization selects the campaign dates 

  • The campaign will be issued a specific FUNDRAISER NAME to be used when orders are placed.  This is critical to track all of the sales.

  • Customers will go to my website ( put your website name here ) to shop and pay for their orders! 

  • The organization will receive the commission % based on sales volume (not include shipping or taxes)

  • A donation check will be submitted to the organization within 30 days after the end of the campaign.

Potential Earnings For Your Fundraiser:

SALES UP TO         % Commission              Approximate Number of Orders             Potential Earnings

$2,000                                10%                                  50                                                                  $200

$4,000                                12%                                  100                                                                $480

$6,000                                15%                                  150                                                                $900

$10,000                              20%                                  250                                                                $2000


Over $10,000                     25%                                  unlimited                                                      $ unlimited


If you are interested in more information about a Fundraiser for your group, please email or call me

and I will follow up with you.

Thank you,

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