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Major Gifting Holidays

  • Valentines Day 

  • St. Patrick's Day

  • Easter

  • Mother's Day

  • Fathers' Day

  • Halloween

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas

  • New Years

Everyday Occasions

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • New Baby

  • Congratulations

  • Love and Romance

  • Get Well

  • Sympathy

  • Funeral

  • Just Because

  • Thank you

  • Corporate Gifts

  • I'm Sorry

  • House Warming

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Make sure you are using this great website as well

for more holidays, occasions, and some great unique celebrations you can use for great conversation on your social media platforms especially if you are a blogger! 
Giftypedia's mission is to be your guide to great gift-giving. This is a great tool to use along with our business. They bring you creative gift giving thoughts as well as helpful etiquette, advice, and ideas. 


New Promotions and

What Are We Marketing Now!

Summer Fun Marketing 2021

Summertime is just around the corner which means for many a busy time filled with vacations, picnics, summer activities & kids at home from school. As an LBB Gifting Expert, you may come to see that this maybe a “slow period” but it does not have to be!


Below are tips that will help you make sure that your sales not only continue to grow, but will ensure yo, that you will have an amazing foundation going into the 4th quarter (CHRISTMAS TIME!).


As a LBB direct seller, it is important to be consistent & maintain a routine with your business. This will help provide security for your customers. They will be able to get into a routine of when they will receive their emails from you & see your post and if they place orders you should update them when orders are due. Staying consistent during the summer will help you!

Being consistent in a routine will help keep your sanity as well. Many of you especially my moms I know you live on a strict schedule, even in the summer. Maintaining a routine in the summer for your business will help you be able to manage it & still be able to enjoy your summer activities & vacations. Knowing when things need to get done, can help you be better prepared & ready for whatever comes your way this summer.

The number 1 tip as an LBB Gifting Expert is to, as I use to call it “FU” (Follow Up). Summertime can be very busy & chaotic for people so make sure you still follow up with your customers & anyone new you spoke to. So make sure, you stay connected through phone calls, text messages, emails or even Facebook Messenger.

If you are looking for a way to grow your sales totals this summer, this is the way to go! Promote all the wonderful summer products we have to  offer. Use them yourself, share on your social media, recommend products to your customer, etc. with all out gifts there is something for every customer & every person you talk to about your business with. Let people know the variety of quality, affordable products they can get with La Bella THROUGH YOU!


Now if you are That person or family that is never home during the summer. You are either taking a trip to the park, going on a day trip with your family, attending a picnic or going on a vacation. I know there are probably a hand full of days all summer long we are home doing nothing & it’s usually because of the weather. Create summer marketing so you can hand out to those you talk to when you are out and about and have business cards & flyers ready to give to potential customers. Even if you are on vacation miles away from home (label your E-Store link & promote your online store!. This is a great way to grow your customer base, get sales during the summer & create an amazing foundation for Christmas season in the 4th quarter.


During the summer every weekend you will find fairs, tag sales/yard sales, events & all kinds of out door activities that vendors can participate in & showcase their business. Even if you are a new LBB gifting expert or are unable to find a local event to sign up for, create your own event. Or join a event someone is doing online or off. Do a giveaway events, they are one way to be creative with your business!

Now if events aren’t your style? Have a yard sale. Get rid of unwanted household items & share your business at the same time. I know in NY  we love our flea markets and yard sales! You can end up earning money on your unwanted items from home and have conversations introducing your LBB Biz.

Whenever you do any of these ideas or ideas like these, make sure to have a way to collect people’s contact information. use the survey card idea and have people fill them out to be entered into a FREE raffle. Like I said, PEOPLE LOVE FREE. Remember, the purpose of these are to gain customers who will place orders, a chance for you to share your business with others and maybe recruit a new representative. Basically you are NETWORKING.

Also Ask your current customers to help you out! Do a referral promotion during the summer & ask nicely for people to share your posts. You can just ask your customers to share with their friends & family.


Be very excited about the summer & what you have planned to grow your LBB business while enjoying the time with your kids or with family. Planning is very very important.






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