Bella's Treasures

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Gift Basket and Flower store!

Only $99 for our Gifting Experts and $199.99 for NON-Members!


Gifting Expert Members - 

The wholesale Package will be $99.00.

You will receive 1- Bella's Treasure Box (Sorry NO Commission On this Item)

- Your Treasure will consist of 30 pieces of mixed jewelry

- Training WILL BE Provided if Required


-If you sell all 30 pieces at $7 = $210 (profit is $132, you get your initial investment of $99 and $132 more! ( remember each

jewel is $3 wholesale and you are selling it at $7 so that is a $4 profit)

-If there are pieces that you really cannot move then do a Bella's Treasure Sale, between $4 and $6 dollars so you can still make

your money back and move your inventory.

How To Brand You and La Bella Baskets and Gifts

- All FB Live, Events or Even Home Parties please wear your La Bella Boss or your La Bella Baskets T-shirts at all times. 

As you put yourselves out there, through FB Lives and/ or events many will start identifying our company and our Gifting Experts.

-There is so much we offer, so remember to promote all of our products and services as well, and please give out your business cards.



They will receive 1- Bella's Treasure Box of 30 Pieces of mixed jewelry and the Gifting Expert will earn 15% and this will count for Sales Volume and Bonus Overrides if qualified!

***We are sorry Coupon Codes cannot be used for any of the discounted items for gifting experts!***

Pictures Below are for Gifting Experts Boxes!